Shankar Mahadevan

It was great to meet one of the greatest singers Shankar Mahadevan at PayPal when he came to showcase his Music Academy to the silicon valley companies.

He called out for a classical musician in the house for a demo which is when I got a chance to meet him in person. I assisted him in the music software demo on his website and it was a great experience and was quite thrilled to be on stage right next to him. :)

Later he spoke to me and we talked about my musical background which he was very impressed with and took my contact for future collaborations. I was contacted a few months later when they offered me to be the Karnatic music teacher’s affiliate for Shankar Mahadevan Academy in the Bay area. It is a great opportunity to be part of a maestro’s group and meet a humble person like Shankarji. Today, I use the online based curriculum and customize it to my students who are part of the SMA Academy.

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